Binabo 60stk, Multi

3.990 kr

Binabo – more than a ball

One chip, endless possibilities – this is Binabo! With a few simple clicks you can design your own toy! Build balls of different shapes and sizes that are sturdy and suitable for athletic play.

Let your imagination go wild and create animals, plants or anything you desire. How about a giant wheel or the Eiffel tower? Or rather a marble run or a lampshade? Binabo encourages movement and creative play.
Also the appreciation for your own toy is much higher if it was “made” yourself beforehand!

The construction system also offers incentives for young people and adults to develop their own designs. Not only toys, but also application-oriented products such as lampshades or bicycle bottle holders can be created with Binabo. So the product can be used for many years and grow with the children.

Binabo consists of the biomaterial Arboblend® wich is 100% made of renewable resources (sugar, resins and wood fibers). Arboblend® is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and does not contain any harmful toxins. It is light, flexible, and equally suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

Binabo is completely „Made in Germany“.